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Kent Lauer
Upcoming class schedule for 2017

Class Titles:

Faceted Dichroic Glass Pendants

Advanced Techniques in Faceted Dichroic Glass Pendants

Faceted Dichroic Glass Sculpture

Hand Beveling

South Point Hotel & Conference Center
Las Vegas
March 29 - April 2, 2017

Wednesday, March 29
Faceted Dichroic Glass Pendants
Thursday, March 30
Curved Faceted Dichroic Glass Pendants
Friday, March 31
Faceted Dichroic Glass Pendants
Saturday, April 1
Curved Faceted Dichroic Glass Pendants
Sunday, April 2
Custom Hand Beveling

You do not need the beginning class in order to take the advanced techniques class.

Classes are selling out very quickly... sign up soon!


Additional 2017 classes to be announced.

Please contact me for glass supplies needed to make the faceted dichroic pendants.   We carry the Starphire special glass UV adhesive, UV light, Toyo power breakers for cutting thick glass, and an instructional DVD showing how to create glass pendants.


If you are not able to attend one of Kent's classes in the 2017 schedule, private classes at Kent's studio in Los Angeles can be arranged.

 Please email Kent at
or call 818-997-8901

Who is Kent Lauer?

Kent Lauer has been working with glass for more than 30 years. What started as a fascination with glass soon became a career.

Kent learned to bevel early on, and was determined to find out everything he could about pushing the limits of beveled glass. His work has since been seen worldwide, in important homes, and in historic buildings.

Living in Southern California has given Kent many chances to work on glass for films, commercials, and celebrities. He has been teaching beveling and dichroic glass sculpture both at glass shows and privately for over 25 years.

Kent has written articles for Glass Craftsman magazine and for Glass Patterns Quarterly.

Kent is currently working on a book entitled "Introduction to Coldworking" which is targeted for publication in the near future.

Kent Lauer Studio
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Glass Craftsman Magazine
Kent Lauer - Master Beveler
By: Beth Harrison

Does art seek us out or do we create art? When a university educated geologist delves into stained glass and blossoms into artistic prominence that spans the globe and encompasses works commissioned by an endless list of Who's Who celebrities and heads of state, this simple question becomes a poignant statement.

A native of New York, Kent Lauer moved with his family to California when he was ten years old and still resides in California with his wife, who is also a accomplished glass artist, photographer, and painter.

Glass Magazine

Dec/Jan 2007

Glass Magazine Dec/Jan 2007